Top Loader Vs Front Loading Machine – Which One Is Best For You?

One of the most important appliances you need to have in your house is the washing machine- unless you’re perfectly contented in bringing your laundry every now and then to the Laundromat and pay for it. Once you have decided to buy your own washing machine, you have to choose between the top loader and […]

The Importance of Your Front Door in Feng Shui

The front door plays a very special role in feng shui. Often described as the “mouth of chi,” the front door, is the entryway for energy into your home. Many people never use the actual front door, though, so they often ask if this affects their feng shui. The answer is yes. That’s because the […]

Point to Keep in Mind While Considering Front Yard Landscaping

Located right on the edge of the 80-mile long Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is known for some of the most spectacular landscape in Canada. Home to some renowned world-class wineries and orchards, it is also a large city offering an array of gourmet dining, excellent shopping and a thriving cultural community. Kelowna is also a popular […]